Turbo Tomato (Amiga)

Turbo Tomato (Nivrig Games) Digital: $15 USD

Game title: Turbo Tomato

Game description: Turbo Tomato is a hectic battle arena style game where you play Turbo the Tomato - who finds that his peaceful garden world has been turned upside down as other vegetables have started to mutate into monsters. Turbo must flee his home world and uncover the terrible secret behind this spread of darkness. The garden world is split into multiple levels and as the game starts off you are immediately overwhelmed with the ensuing chaos. Pick up a time bomb and hurl it in the direction of the mutant vegetables to eliminate them one by one. Take care not to hold on to a bomb that goes off in your hand and while you are at it, try not to get hit by bombs being thrown in your direction. When you eliminate all the other vegetables, an exit portal opens up for you and you are onto the next level. Your path forward is not always linear, at the completion of some levels you are given multiple exit options taking you to different levels There are 4 game worlds on offer comprising more than 35 levels. There is a good level of variety with every level helping the game stay fresh despite the basic gameplay mechanism being somewhat the same all throughout. Turbo Tomato features plenty of pickups for you to collect and take advantage off. When you get to the end of a level, you are then faced with a Boss Battle.

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  • Production - 70%
  • Fun - 85%
  • Depth - 70%


Turbo Tomato does not push the Amiga to its graphical limits but when it comes to gameplay then it excels in its simplicity and sheer fun. 

The implementation of a story mode and branching paths of progression adds depth to the game objective and drives you to complete the game.

Physical edition of the game can be purchased from Bitmap Soft.

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  • Easy to play and lots of fun
  • 2 player co-op mode
  • Interesting story mode
  • Level code system


  • Graphics are basic at best
  • Level objectives lack some variety

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