Santa’s Workout 2 (C64)

Santa's Workout 2 (Vector5 Games) Name Your Own Price

Game title: Santa's Workout

Game description: Santa's Workout 2 is a single screen puzzle arcade game where your objective is to help Santa find a safe path through the maze to find a key that opens the exit. The maze contain holes that will cost you one of your lives should you fall into them. Blocks can be used to cover up these hazardous holes. Blocks can only be pushed if there is a block's worth of space behind them and nothing immediately ahead of them. Santa needs to be careful when walking across ice paths as he cannot stop moving on these until he reaches the end. If you push a block over the ice, the block will sink leaving a water hole, which is also hazardous to Santa. On your way, you can collect stars, Christmas ornaments, and gifts for extra points. The game has a password system to load already-played levels.

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  • Production - 70%
  • Fun - 80%
  • Depth - 70%


Santa’s Workout 2 is another variant to the Sokoban puzzle genre. The game is well executed without it introducing anything new to the genre and as a result it probably won’t be too memorable.

The difficulty of the puzzles is set at a very accessible level and I appreciate that there is no time limit to completing each of the levels but I do wish there were more new elements to the puzzles being introduced as you progress to help keep things more interesting.

Graphics are quite colourful and do their job but I do think that the minimal inclusion of Christmas themed jingles is a missed opportunity as adding more of these would have added so much to the overall game.

Good, fun game but don’t expect anything new.

User Review
4 (1 vote)


  • Casual paced gaming – no timers
  • Password system to continue progress
  • Colourful graphical style


  • Lacks progression in puzzle elements
  • First half of game lack music jingles

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