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itch.io is an open marketplace for independent digital creators with a focus on independent video games. It’s a platform that enables anyone to sell the content they’ve created. The following is a list of developers who specifically cater for the current Commodore 64 scene.

This list has been curated by Carl-Henrik Skårstedt (aka Space Moguls) with assistance by Louie Dimovski (Retro Gamer Nation). If you have a C64 themed itch.io page that you would like featured please send us an email at retrogamernation@gmail.com.

Last updates:
23 April 2024 – Added NellyByte Software
23 April 2024 – Added Magovinna
23 April 2024 – Added WindigoProductions
23 April 2024 – Added Dr. MortalWombat
23 April 2024 – Added AJ Layden
24 April 2024 – Added A Novel Approach
24 April 2024 – Added Haplo
24 April 2024 – Added grifonchan
24 April 2024 – Added jimbo
24 April 2024 – Added fuzzybad
24 April 2024 – Added RetroArts
24 April 2024 – Added Patagonia
24 April 2024 – Added Roman Werner

Site NameGenreNotes
A Novel ApproachInteractive storyTerror by Night
AGPXPuzzlePlanet Balls
AJ LaydenRacingSuper GP 64
Alessio ScanderebechBoard GameThe Nightland
Ant StillerArcadeMember of PuddleSoft, writer of Reset64
AqariusPlatformCarling the Spider
ArisArcadeNight Knight
ArlasoftPuzzle, ArcadeBurger Time, Berzerk, Galaga C64, Oyup, Pillars, Galaxian, Pacman
Bacioiu CiprianRogueFallen
Badgerpunch GamesAction shoot outShowdown
BimberladeArcadeThe Royal Hunt
BlackCastleTaxiTrolley Follies, pick up and leave passengers
Boddicker GamesArcadeBrick's Revenge, Bricking It
C64CDShooterStercore XD, Death Weapon, Super Galax-i-Birds
C64MarkArcadeNeptune Lander Elite, Sir Knight (C16)
Carleton HandleyPuzzleSpinning Image
Cogitare ComputingPlatformCounterweight Kate
CommocoreReal Time StrategySwarm 16K
Commodore SpainShooterSoccer Wars, DragonakeR, Desatranques Jaen
Cout 64ArcadeTrailblazer 64, Wordz
Darren FouldsShooter1nvader
DESIGN/chaosArcadeFreaky Fish, Ewe Woz 'Ere
Dr. MortalWombatShooter, Puzzle, ActionVeggies vs Undead, Balls Like A Frog
Dr. WuroArcade, 4 PlayerFrogs, Shotgun
EndurionMulti-GenreJoe Gunn Gold, Downhill Challenge
FrodewinAdventure, PuzzleDagon's Awakening, Babylon's Ark
fuzzybadActionLight Cycles
Gazunta GamesCookingCurry Clicker
Geir StraumePuzzle ArcadeDice Skater, Old Mine Hoist, Dice Skater
Graham AxtenPlatformMember of Puddlesoft, Bear Essentials and more
grifonchanRole PlayingDelve Deeper
HaploAction, PuzzleOoze, Tenebra, Binary Battle
HayesMakerGame & WatchMario's Cement Factory, Legend of Wilf
Ice Team4K games, PlatformMarkanoid, Elav, Little Sara Sister
Jason AldredShooterGalencia
Karsten SenkelArcade ShooterSpace Firehawk
LazycowPlatform AdventureWolfling
LC-GamesArcadeLady Pac, Dig Dug, Mike Mech, Bagman Strikes Back
leuatPlatform ShooterRogue Burger One
MagovinnaActionKick of the Spear
MajikeyricPlatform, PuzzleRobots Rumble, Lala Prologue, Tenebra Macabre
Mazinger64ActionMazinger Z
Mediatech Game StudiosArcadeUmi 64, Umi Paratrooper, Umi Liberator
MegaStyleMulti-Genre ArcadeBruce Lee: Return to Fury, Mancave, Exploding Fish and more
Mike RichmondPuzzleVegetables
milasoftUtilityC64 Predator Clock
MisfitArcadeRodman, Super Goatron, Cheese & Onion (VIC20)
MonstersGoBoomRole Playing / PlatformDicing with Death
MoSoftMulti-GenreSEUCK game specialist
Monte BoydAction arcadeKnights & Slimes, Monster Catcher
NellyBtye SoftwarePlatformCats 'n Critters
paacoArcadeSpunk vs the rest
PatagoniaPlatformVampire Vengeance
ProtovisionMulti-GenreA leading modern day publisher for the C64 - Sam's Journey, Space Moguls, Wormhole, It's Magic II
Psytronik SoftwareMulti-GenreA leading modern day publisher for the C64 - The Legend of Atlantis, Steel Ranger, Shadow Over Hawksmill, Age of Heroes
Reset 64MagazineReset 64 Magazine
RetreamPuzzle, ArcadeMAH, Quod Init Exit
RetroArtsRole PlayingEvil Dungeon 1 and 2
retrogamer1975Platform, ArcadeAngiePuffy Quest, Donald's Snow Fight
RetroSoulsArcadeOld Tower
RGCDMulti-GenreA leading modern day publisher for the C64 - Aviator Arcade II, Bomberland, Tiger Claw, Power Glove, Kobo 64
Richard of TNDMulti-GenreGreat variety of games on offer, many with great music soundtracks
RoysteriniCasualPaper Plane, Kung Poo Fighter, Happy Flappy
Roman WernerPlatform, ActionMarble Boy, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
ruerobPuzzleParking Ticket C64,
sailingboysText adventureCatboy Office
Sarah Jane AvoryShooterNeutron (RGN C64 Gamers' Choice Winner 2019)
ShallanMulti-GenreDoc Cosmos, Luma, Luna
SOSArcadeFlappy Bird C64
Space MogulsStrategy, PuzzleSpace Moguls is a reinterpretation of classic multiplayer strategy available at protovision.itch.io, Nono Pixie and Space Orbs are 16k cartridge puzzle games
Stefan VogtText AdventureCurse of Rabenstein, Passion for text adventures! Member of Puddle Soft
Syntax Error SoftwarePlatformminiMike
Thalamus DigitalShooter, Puzzle, ActionRunn'n Gunn, Millie & Molly, Hunters Moon Remastered
TheReaperUKShooterLarge collection of SEUCK based games
thesuperfrogArcadeOut of Ink, OrbS, Sheep is a key
Throwback GamesSportsJam It (Basketball)
TurtlePandaArcadeLily Lander, part time antagonist of Crackers
Vector5 GamesPuzzle, ActionStation 23, Laserscape, Jungle Joe
Vox VideogameSEUCK based Shooters/ArcadeKnight & Souls C64, Galax Blazer C64, Goldrake Vs Vega
WindigoProductionsPlatform, StrategyDeathflood, Devolution