Ooze – The Escape (C64)

Ooze - The Escape (Haplo / Andy Johns) Free

Game title: Ooze - The Escape

Game description: Ooze is a platform arcade adventure that sees you play as Ooze, a sentient blob that has been captured by evil machines. You need to guide Ooze through laboratories and ventilation ducts, avoiding the robotic guards in an attempt to escape from a dangerous subterranean complex using its gravity-reversing powers to overcome obstacles. To escape, you must disable the four force fields by finding their corresponding coloured code keys and inserting them into the central system. The controls simply involve moving left or right to move about and pressing the joystick button to flip between the floor and the ceiling. You start with five lives and can gain extra lives hidden throughout the complex. You die instantly if you touch a hazard and there is no checkpointing as you reset at the start of the screen you died on.

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  • Production - 80%
  • Fun - 85%
  • Depth - 65%


Ooze is a very well executed game that does look quite nice with its hi-res graphics. This is definitely my favourite game from Haplo since he started producing C64 games recently. It is not an overly large or difficult game, making it quite accessible to most players. As there is no timer in the game – you can spend some time sussing out each screen before you start to make your move. It initially takes a little time to get used to flipping the gravity mechanism but after this, moving ooze about is quite fun. 

The C64 version of Ooze does contain a number of improvements over the ZX Spectrum version including an auto-map which is always a winning feature for me. Ooze is an easy recommendation for me if you are looking at something more casual paced that will keep you entertained for a couple of game playing sessions.

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  • Well executed port with tight controls
  • Attractive hi-res graphics and animation
  • Automap


  • Would love a larger game world
  • Game play is missing progressive elements

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