Kick of the Spear (C64)

Kick of the Spear (Magovinna) $3.99 USD

Game title: Kick of the Spear

Game description: Kick of the Spear is an arcade style fighting combat game for 1 and 2 players. It features large high resolution sprites, 6 individual characters and a tournament mode. A limited number of attack moves are on offer - low kick, standing kick, flying kick and punch. The player receives one special power move per match.

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  • Production - 67%
  • Fun - 45%
  • Depth - 30%


Kick of the Spear is an ambitious attempt to provide a full character sized fighting experience – but falls short in being able to deliver in any engaging manner. The action on offer is of a good pace and the large size characters move well but the overall experience just lacks depth and personality. The play area feels cramped as the combat takes place on a fixed single screen, the background graphics are poor and feel like they’ve been slapped together quickly. Only 4 basic moves plus a power move are on offer and all fighters feel like the fight in the same way and the menu screen has been so poorly implemented that it gives a poor initial impression. Kick of the Spear has the notion to be something a lot more than what it is but in its current form it is not capable of sustaining interest for more than one quick play session. The game site refers to co-op fighting mode and digital speech. At the time of this review, neither of these are featured in the game.

User Review
1.67 (3 votes)


  • Large sprites
  • Tournament mode


  • Limited attack & defence moves
  • All characters fight in the same way
  • Limited play area
  • Background graphics

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2 thoughts on “Kick of the Spear (C64)

  1. After this review. The game have undergone some major improvements including
    New AI Engine, Scrolling Arena, Story mode with Platformer, (crt) Cartridge file, Improved Digi speech, graphics, new name “Kick of the spear : Return of Anubis” etc..

    1. Those enhancements sound very interesting. I will look to cover Return of Anubis shortly as I pick up doing written reviews again. I will include it in the RGN December 2023 round up video as well. Thanks for the update.

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