Super Vortex 3 (C64)

Super Vortex 3 (Vox Videogames) $3.99 USD

Game title: Super Vortex 3

Game description: Super Vortex 3 is a vertically scrolling shooter built using the Shoot'em Up Construction Engine. This third instalment of the 'Vortex' series is essentially an enhancement to Super Vortex 3. The premise to the game is simple, attack enemy bases and aliens ship and defeat the final boss in order to save the Earth and humankind from the alien invasion.

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  • Production - 75%
  • Fun - 15%
  • Depth - 25%


Like many other game’s from Vox Video Game, Super Vortex 3’s graphics are good and the backing music has some quality to it but when it comes to game design then it is a bit of a fail. Enemies are either static or boringly linear. The action on offer is sparse and it is possible to get to the end of the game boss battle without killing most of the enemies. There is just so little challenge in the game and you are likely to give up on the game purely based on boredom.

For the four US dollars being asked for to download and play the game, Vox Video Game really needs to spend a lot more time improving enemy waves so as to make their games more interesting to play. In its current state, there is no way that the game is worthy of asking for a purchase price.

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  • Attractive graphical style
  • Thematic in game music


  • Dull game design
  • Enemy AI is linear or mind numbingly basic
  • No challenge

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