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PSSST (Boony) Free

Game title: PSSST

Game description: Psst is a 40 year old game by Ultimate Play The Game that has finally received a Commodore 64 conversion. The objective of the game is to guide Robbie the Robot around to spray the bugs in order to protect the thyrogodian megga chrisanthodil flower. There are multiple sprays available to use and you need to select the correct one for the type of bug you want to kill. The cyan spray will kill worms or stun wasps, the red can will kill fuzzy bugs or stun worms, while the yellow one will kill wasps or stun the fuzzy bugs. To break up the action, from time to time, you will need to put down the spray cans in order to pick up watering cans and fertiliser. If your flower grows to full height, it then blooms and you have completed the level.

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  • Production - 60%
  • Fun - 51%
  • Depth - 58%


Within the confines of its limited game design, PSSST is a solid conversion of the original title – if it’s a straight port you are looking for then this will do the job.

But for the rest of us, the reality is that not many are really going to remember the game a few months from now. Its presentation is quite bland (and of the era of the original title) and I think an opportunity to freshen up the game in today’s modern scene is a missed opportunity. Graphics could have been improved with greater variation/backdrops (or at least make the main flower look more impressive), game play could have been extended with the addition of new elements to make the game more interesting to play overall, though it should be noted that the SID music track is quite good.

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  • A solid conversion of the original title
  • Very good SID music track


  • Bland presentation
  • Simplistic and somewhat repetitive game play

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