Arkon Blaze (C64)

Arkon Blaze (VoxVideoGame) $3.49 USD

Game title: Arkon Blaze

Game description: A vertical scrolling shooter built with the SECUK platform. Take on the Devil's emissaries as you rescue gnome characters from clutches of monsters. Collect fish for bonus points with an extra life awarded when you reach 10,000 points. The game contains 5 stages plus a boss fight.

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  • Production - 70%
  • Fun - 40%
  • Depth - 50%


Arkon Blaze is one of the better Voxvideogame shooters on offer with its somewhat unique game theme that gives you something interesting to see throughout the whole game. But just like every other game from Voxvideogame, enemy waves are dull and mainly redundant as you can pretty much get through all the way to the end boss battle without actually killing any enemies as enemy waves are quite sparse. Enemy AI is dumb and static. Many of them only shoot in set directions, which means once you pass them then you are safe. Graphically, it is a mixed bag. The overall theme is quite interesting with lots of detail but the colour combinations used just don’t go well together (remember the saying – purple and green should not be seen). When too much is happening on screen, the SEUCK engine comes to a grinding halt.

User Review
3.33 (3 votes)


  • Interesting game theme


  • Boring and sparse enemy waves
  • Dumb enemies with static shooting patterns
  • Colour displays don’t always mix well
  • Stutters when too much is on screen

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