Evil Dungeon 2 (C64)

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Game title: Evil Dungeon

Game description: Evil Dungeon 2 – Alrik’s Revenge is a sequel to the original dungeon crawler title that was released in early 2023. Evil Dungeon 2 sees you continue the story of Alrik, a young adventurer who has just escaped the mysterious corridors of an underground dungeon beneath the city of Radrik. New quests await and driven by adventure and the need to avenge his parent’s murder, Alrik continues his hunt for the degenerate orcs. Featuring role-playing and strategic turn based combat elements, you navigate your way from room to room searching for items to pick up, do battle against a collection of dungeon nasties and building up your experience points. The combat system is simple to use. You select whether you want to attack, use a fire vial or escape. If you choose to attack then automatic dice rolls determine whether attacks and parries are successful. There are treasure chests for you to loot but only if you have a lock pick available. The sequel contains a new maze, enemies and items to use and looks to improve upon the original Evil Dungeon by adding quick potions as a tactical option during combat, adjusting the impact of using incendiary vials, and making game play feel more progressive by initially locking off specific areas of the game.

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  • Production - 50%
  • Fun - 80%
  • Depth - 75%


Evil Dungeon 2 is enticing for anyone looking to get into the RPG / Dungeon crawl genre of game. It is very easy to get into thanks to the automated combat mechanism and you can easily lose yourself inside the game as you try and get further into the dungeon complex. The game has just enough layers to it to provide you with a sense that your progress is due to your skill rather than a randomised dice roll. I personally like how the sequel has locked off areas initially and that you need to work towards opening them up.

Yes, the game is written in Basic V2 and as a result the graphical presentation is stunted as a result. Loading times between rooms does detract from the overall experience and I really wish the game contained an auto-map function as I am way past the point where I have the time or patience to draw out a map myself.

As much as I enjoyed my time with Evil Dungeon 2, I can’t help to think how much better the game could be if it was written in assembly and a talented pixel artist was brought in to bring the game world to life.

User Review
2.4 (15 votes)


  • Easy to pick up and play
  • In excess of one hour of game play on offer
  • Progressive game play


  • Loading times between each room
  • Graphic representation is quite basic
  • I would personally prefer an auto-map to be included

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One thought on “Evil Dungeon 2 (C64)

  1. Hey there! Thanks for the nice review.

    I just want to mention that the loading times between the rooms are not real “loading times”. Technically, there is nothing loaded. It’s just a way I wanted to slow down the experience that people cannot rush through the dungeon too fast and it should generate some tension about what lies behind the next door. Sorry if that didn’t worked for you.
    Regarding the map, I thought about creating an automap but decided against it. Many players favorize it as part of the whole experience, grab a pen and paper and draw a map like it was in the 80s. But I understand if people don’t like that.

    Have a great day!

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