Toxic Frenzy (C64)

Toxic Frenzy (WauloK) $5 USD

Game title: Toxic Frenzy

Game description: Toxic Frenzy is a game heavily inspired by the Nintendo Game & Watch title Oil Panic. You need to use your toxic-proof container to collect the leaking fluid from the damaged pipe above. Your container can only hold up to three drops of toxic fluid at once, otherwise your container will overflow resulting in a loss in one of your lives. Once you've collected some of the toxic fluid, dash towards one of the two exits where you can pour it out to your work mate who will hopefully be waiting below in the right spot to collect and safely dispose of it in a responsible manner - otherwise the toxic fluid over will end up covering the innocent by-standers.

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  • Graphics - 50%
  • Sound - 70%
  • Fun - 60%
  • Depth - 35%


Toxic Frenzy is a good implementation of a Game’n’Watch game. The basic graphics are suitable for this style and the bouncy backing music helps elevate enjoyment of the game. But unless you have strong nostalgic feeling towards the classic Oil Panic handheld game then there is little here to bring you back as there isn’t really that much to do within the game itself.

The $5 USD asking price for a digital copy is too steep for this style of game, especially when you compare it to more advanced C64 games that are price lower [Note as at 21 March 2021 the price had dropped to $3.49 USD]

User Review
27.83% (6 votes)


  • Good implementation of a Game’n’Watch style of game
  • Nice jolly bouncy music track
  • Cons

  • Limited game play – unlikely to return to the game
  • Current asking price is on the high side for what is on offer
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