Lunar City (C64)

Lunar City (The New Dimension) Free

Game title: Lunar City

Game description: Lunar City is a fixed shooter game inspired by the old Atari 2600 title - Atlantis. Your home planet is being attacked by an army of alien ships and you are the commander in charge of defending your home city. You have three sentinels at your disposal to shoot lasers at the aliens from and you choose which one will take a shot by either pushing left, up or right with the joystick. Your city is initially protected by a defence dome but aliens will have no trouble penetrating a hole through it so you better get to work quickly. But don’t go wasting your shots. Not only are the amount of laser shots limited but if the number of remaining shots fall below the number of aliens that need to be killed then its instant game over.

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  • Production - 73%
  • Fun - 71%
  • Depth - 62%


Games produced by TND tend to be limited and stifled affairs but Lunar City is a solid day remake of Atlantis for the old Atari 2600. Not only is it well presented but the game mechanics have been implemented quite well and the need to be somewhat accurate with your shots, along with the selecting of the shooting position, makes the game fun to play and differentiates this shooter from previous TND titles.

While there is some replay value to Lunar City, it is ultimately confined to the game’s original design and, as a result, does lack progressive game play that I personally look for in modern day games for the C64.

User Review
4 (2 votes)


  • Well executed control system
  • Different graphical background settings


  • Limited variety with the game play

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