1945 Vox (C64)

1945 Vox (Vox Video Game) $3.99 USD

Game title: 1945 Vox

Game description: 1945 Vox is a SEUCK interpretation of the 1942 series of arcade games. The game offers three levels where you take control of a reconnaissance plane coming under attack from anti-aircraft structures, enemy planes and naval fleets.

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  • Production - 55%
  • Fun - 10%
  • Depth - 25%


There really isn’t too much to 1945 Vox to be honest. The presentation is fine but the game play action is severely lacking. It is anything but fast paced that is for sure. You spend most of the time flying around with nothing happening and the enemy attack patterns are somewhat repetitive. In fact, you can get to the end of the game boss level without shooting down any enemy planes at all if you want.

The power ups you collect are nothing more than just bonus points and to make things worse, the game makes the mistake of having trees and buildings as hazards that your plane can crash into – really? But the biggest crime being committed here is thinking that this very basic SEUCK game should warrant anyone paying for it.

User Review
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  • Graphics are colourful


  • Action is sparse
  • Trees and buildings are hazards
  • No progressive play
  • Enemy waves are basic and repetitive
  • Charging money for basic SEUCK game

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