LeiLei Relay (C64)

LeiLei Relay (Dr. Terrorz) Free

Game title: LeiLei Relay

Game description: Baby UFOs in UFOland have to train arduously before they can leave their homeworld. Historically, the most infamous of these training grounds was the Lei Lei Relay. Collect the lanterns to advance to the next field, up until you reach the UFO cathedral. There you will attain the title of UFO master. LeiLei Relay is a gravity thrust style of game which requires you to guide the UFO using only rotation and thrusters around the game room to collect all the lanterns before you can move onto the next level.

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  • Production - 65%
  • Fun - 90%
  • Depth - 80%


This is one of those simple but very challenging games that you think you will sit down with for just 10 minutes but in no time you realised you have just passed the one hour mark. Just everything feels right about LeiLei Relay.  The game features multi-coloured graphics that look good even though they are somewhat rudimentary. The vertical scrolling is smooth to my eyes and the implementation of inertia feels quite realistic. The game’s controls are very good, allowing you to pull off some precision moves in tight spots that you don’t think are possible and I think this is the key to the game success.  LeiLei Relay doesn’t try to portray itself as anything but a quality thrust style game without the ‘bells and whistles’. It is both addictive and frustratingly hard at the same time. The game could, perhaps, have a little more variety with its hazards and also adopt modern day sensibilities with the inclusion of a level password system so as to avoid having to repeat previously completed levels but there is no doubting the quality of the arcade style of gaming on offer. There is not a lot to LeiLei Relay but what is there is of a high quality and well executed. A very good release.

User Review
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  • Super responsive controls
  • Smooth vertical scrolling & good inertia implementation
  • Multiple SID tunes
  • Good level designs


  • Perhaps a level password or save system would be handy

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