Legend of Wilf (C64)

Legend of Wilf (Hayesmaker64) Free

Game title: Legend of Wilf

Game description: Legend of Wilf is an arcade adventure that acts as a modern day enhancement of the original Kokotoni Wilf game released back in 1984. The Arch Wizard has discovered all the locations of the fabled Dragon Amulet pieces and he has transformed his young apprentice to grow wings so that he can venture out back in time to retrieve all the amulet fragments. Fly around collecting all the pieces of each level, while avoiding a vast array of creatures and hazards, and then locate the time warp to move on to the next location.

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  • Production - 81%
  • Fun - 76%
  • Depth - 71%


Not being familiar with the original Kokotoni Wilf, I came into Legend of Wilf with no expectations but went away quite pleased with the overall gaming experience.

Yes, the basic game design is somewhat limited and lacks progression but the control mechanics within the game made navigation through all the screen levels very enjoyable. The combination of joystick control and button to fly made navigating a lot of the game layout a breeze. The overall difficulty is well balanced in my view – its just a matter of taking a little time to monitor each screen’s layout to identify the safe zones and then you simply fly from one safe zone to the next.

The presentation of Legend of Wilf is nostalgically charming. The graphics are bright and chunky but contain a quality to them. The renditions of old English jingle tunes provide a nice warm feeling while playing the game and I appreciate the sound effects are available at the same time the music is playing. Legend of Wilf does not provide anything new other than a nice stroll back to the 80s style game play with a couple of modern day enhancements thrown in. If you enjoy arcade adventure style games then I think Legend of Wilf will be one for you to enjoy…I certainly did!  

User Review
1.67 (9 votes)


  • Excellent controls
  • Attractive ‘old school’ graphics
  • Quaint SID music sound track


  • Gameplay is a bit basic in design
  • Limited progressive play

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