Briley Witch Chronicles 2 (C64)

Briley Witch Chronicles 2 (Witchsoft) $9.99 USD

Game title: Briley Witch Chronicles 2

Game description: The second instalment of the Briley Witch Chronicles continues off from the first game and sees you once again take control of Briley as she continues to explore her new life in a world that is still greatly unfamiliar to her. Briley Witch Chronicles 2 is a JRPG inspired game that sees Briley deal with a vindictive Lord Grey who believes that she is responsible for his son’s death, the ongoing feud with the Whiteheads, balancing her romance with Sebastian and the arrival of a major festival - bringing in outsiders who are not like as they initially seem and a spate of mysterious poisoning that has gripped some of the villagers. Just like the first game, Briley needs to go around carrying out errands, mixing potions and completing side quests. The game is filled with plenty of objectives for you to carry out and does heavily rely on turn based combat to level up characters.

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  • Production - 90%
  • Fun - 65%
  • Depth - 86%


Briley Witch Chronicles 2 will instantly feel quite familiar to those who spent a bit of time with the first game. There are a few tweaks here and there and a few new locations to visit but otherwise the game looks and plays pretty much like the first game, including the tedium that is the JRPG combat element that brings the game’s enjoyment of exploration and storytelling to a grinding halt.

The story branches on offer with Briley Witch Chronicles 2 are interesting and do a good job of making you care about Briley’s plight. I also enjoyed having more involvement with the secondary characters within the game in times when Briley finds herself indisposed within the game. But Briley Witch Chronicles 2 story narrative is not without its failing. The first Briley game succeeded mostly based on its well balanced and absorbing story telling. But this time around, it doesn’t quite feel right for two reasons in particular – way too much dialog (that gives a sense that the game is not as deep as it is portrayed to be) and the dialog is less relatable (at least for a middle aged male).

From a production point of view, there is very little to fault the game – it simply oozes quality in this respect. From its in-game graphical representation, the mini facial portraits used to indicate who is talking, its variable music soundtrack, all the way down to the overall game world construct, Briley Witch Chronicles carries all the traits of a professional product that has been put together with a great deal of passion and care and just needs a bit of editing to improve the overall flow and pacing.

User Review
2.5 (2 votes)


  • Good variation in characters and locations
  • Immersive game world construct
  • Intuitive control system
  • Slick production values


  • Long winded text dialogue
  • Story narrative leans too heavily toward female teen demographic
  • Tedious combat system
  • Too much grinding required

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