Rogue 64 (C64)

Rogue 64 (Badger Punch Games) $4.99USD (Digital) / £35.00 (Cartridge)

Game title: Rogue 64

Game description: Rogue 64 is a rogue-like game where you take on the role of Zendar the Explorer, an adventurer seeking a fabled artifact within the dark and dangerous dungeons of Mordecoom! The game play takes place in the centre of the screen. While player stats are on the left and the level map is gradually revealed on the right. Every play of Rogue 64 will provide a unique experience as the levels are procedurally generated - allowing for repeated play sessions. To collect an item, simply walk over the top of it and it will be added to your inventory as long as you have space for it. To fight an enemy, you simply walk into them and the game handles the outcome of each combat encounter. Three types of potions can be collected within Rogue 64. The green is always a healing potion that restores your health to full. But the nature of the red and blue potions are randomised with each game and you won’t know what they do until you collect them and try them out. Hearts can also be collected that will restore your health to full. The aim of each level is to find a key that will unlock the exit door, allowing you to move on to the next level. There are 8 levels in total.

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  • Production - 80%
  • Fun - 90%
  • Depth - 70%


I am a sucker for simple games that are very well executed. From the well presented graphical interface and fantastic SID music rack to the addictive exploration/combative game play, Rogue 64 had me hooked for multiple play sessions, thanks to the levels being procedurally generated – allowing for repeated play sessions that I did not get bored with even when I had completed the game beforehand. Rogue 64 provides a mix of strategic elements and a degree of uncertainty due to the randomisation of levels and enemy combat. The idea to randomise the potion effects is a good one and can have an impact on tweaking the difficulty for each game. Rogue 64’s accessibility does mean that some gamer’s might find it easy to complete and I think an opportunity was missed by not adding at least two more dungeons with a higher difficulty curve and some additional variation to provide a fuller gaming experience. Regardless, I will have no doubt that Rogue 64 will be a game I go back to play from time to time for its a fun and addictive game experience.

User Review
3.75 (4 votes)


  • Easy to pick up and play
  • Every game has different level layouts
  • Well presented with great SID track
  • Random potion effects


  • Only one dungeon consisting of 8 levels
  • Might be too easy for some to complete

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