Spinning Image (C64)

Spinning Image (Carleton Handley) Free

Game title: Spinning Image

Game description: Spinning Image is a block puzzle game where your objective is to replicate the image on the right side of the screen by placing and removing blocks on the left side playfield. Blocks shot into the playfield must hit an obstacle, but they cannot stop at the edge of the play screen or on a spot that is a hole. The playfield can be rotated so that you can try to construct the solution from all four sides. You will typically find that your intended placement of blocks is obstructed by immovable sections, so you need to improvise by constructing and deconstructing barriers to reach the final placements of your blocks. There are 50 levels for you to solve, coming in five sets of ten. Levels within any given set can be solved in any order. Eight levels of each set must be completed in order to unlock the next set. As you progress through the game, additional obstacle elements appear, such as portals, movable blocks, and bouncing blocks.

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  • Production - 82%
  • Fun - 45%
  • Depth - 70%


I generally enjoy puzzle games, and there is no doubt that Spinning Image is a highly polished and well-constructed game with easy-to-use mechanics. I like how the levels are broken out into 5 sets of 10, with an 80% completion rate required to unlock the next set. However, the nature of this style of puzzle game did not gel well with me. I found it tedious to complete the levels, as constructing and deconstructing barriers to allow for the correct placement of blocks felt like too much hard work. As such, I did not find Spinning Image to be anywhere near as enjoyable as Carleton Handley’s previous puzzle titles.

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  • A well constructed game
  • Progress is saved
  • 50 levels


  • Tedious puzzle style

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