Goshawk (C64)

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Game title: Goshawk

Game description: Goshawk is a collect’em up style of game with a little bit of shoot' em up mixed in. Your objective is to collect 64 crystals and destroy the level boss. Impeding your objective you have two cascading space cannons and a floating asteroid. Completing a level results in the stage resetting albeit with more aggressive enemy movement.

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  • Production - 30%
  • Fun - 65%
  • Depth - 45%


There is a semi-addictive element to Goshawk as it is initially somewhat fun and the motivation to collect all 64 crystals is strong but it is a rough around the edges in terms of implementation and I am not referring to its graphics, which I think are fine for this type of game.

Game instructions provide limited information as to what you actually have to do, the game starts off with your ship driving diagonally straight for the top barrier, hit detection is noticeably a little off, there is no indication as to how many crystals you have left to collect, the boss enemy appears through out the level not just after all crystals have been collected (making it confusing as to what is actually the boss enemy).

Having grinded through to complete the first level, I was disappointed to see that level 2 was more of the same but with enemies starting off more aggressively. I would have liked to have seen a little more variation.  I think there will be some of you who will also appreciate its old school basic gameplay but in saying all this, the lack of progressive gameplay and poor production limits the broader appeal of the game.

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  • Responsive controls
  • Provides good challenge


  • Poor overall presentation (not referring to gfx)
  • No crystal collection counter
  • No additional enemies
  • Hit detection can be off

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