Strikeback (C64)

Strikeback (Witchsoft) $3.99 USD

Game title: Strikeback

Game description: A country has been invaded and is need of assistance. Pilot the latest drone and strike back at the enemy using bombs and AA missiles. Watch out for anti-aircraft guns and SAM launchers. Your drone is protected by armour, so can withstand 6 hits before becoming vulnerable. More ammunition can be picked up by destroying trucks. Watch for parachute drops as they will contain either more ammunition or armour repair Bonus points are awarded if a farmer in his tractor manages to tow away a destroyed vehicle or if the turret of a destroyed tank lands on another vehicle and destroys it. Between each level is a bonus run where you drop aid packages to cats in need. Each successful drop results in bonus points. Excluding bonus runs, Strikeback contains 4 levels in total.

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  • Production - 75%
  • Fun - 40%
  • Depth - 50%


Strikeback fails to live up to the standards of Sarah Jane Avory’s recent C64 titles with a somewhat flat execution of what would otherwise be a good concept.

Graphically it’s fine without being spectacular, the game hangs together well and I do like a couple of the nice touches around how you can obtain bonus points but the Scramble style game play is uninspired and quite repetitive. There is not enough horizontal shooting action to entertain. It is just wave after wave of dropping bombs on the same targets over and over again.

The bonus package drop stages are tedious and too long. You can effectively spam smash the controller button to hit the cats as when you run out of bombs, a parachute drop comes by to replenish your supply. There isn’t anything redeeming about this part of the game at all.

And the in game music is a derivative of that used in Soul Force/Zeta Wing/Briley Witch Chronicles and sticks out like a sore thumb (or ear) for anyone who has played Sarah’s previous titles.

User Review
2.67 (6 votes)


  • Easy to pick and play
  • Couple of nice bonus points feature


  • Aargh! Not the same music again!
  • Bonus levels are too long and lack urgency
  • Game play is repetitive and dull

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