Brick’s Revenge (C64)

Brick's Revenge (Boddicker Games) $1.00 USD

Game title: Brick's Revenge

Game description: Brick’s Revenge is no ordinary breakout game. The game looks to make a slight deviation to the break-out game variant by asking you to smash through enough bricks to open up a goal one and then fire a ball into that zone in order to advance through its 12 levels. There are no power ups to collect and the only thing you will find falling down your way is are kamikaze bricks, laser fire, missiles and giant bricks. Getting hit by one of these results in an immediate loss of one of your lives. To add a further twist to the genre, you do not immediately lose a life if you let the ball slip by you. You are given three ‘misses’ in a row before one of your game lives is taken away. What this means is that you can miss the ball on two consecutive occasions but as long as you hit the ball on the next occasion it bounces back to you, the ‘miss’ counter gets reset, allowing you to miss the ball again on two occasions without penalty.

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  • Graphics - 70%
  • Sound - 75%
  • Fun - 65%
  • Depth - 60%


Brick’s Revenge is a welcomed addition to the C64 Breakout genre that adds a couple of twists. Everything within the game moves around fluidly and, initially, provides a very satisfying game of breakout with a gentle difficulty curve that really ramps up by Level 5 as you are constantly trying to avoid three hazard projectiles hurtling down at you at a fast pace. But perhaps this feature will turn some away as the game becomes more of a dodging experience rather than the breakout gaming that would have attracted many to Brick’s Revenge in the first place.

Graphically, the game does look quite nice and polished, something lacking from all other breakout clones developed over the recent years. The game’s music soundtrack is quite enjoyable with its bouncy and somewhat psychedelic tones providing a suitable backdrop.

Brick’s Revenge is a welcomed addition to the C64 library. I like that it tried to include a few different approaches to the breakout genre but your overall reception will depend on whether you want a straight breakout game or something a little varied.

User Review
71% (2 votes)


  • Bounce physics are accurate in most parts
  • ‘Goal’ objective to clearing levels
  • Well presented


  • Difficulty curve ramps up too much by Level 5
  • Dodging aspect of the game may be a little too much for some.

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