Spediteur (C64)

Spediteur (Windigo Productions) Free

Game title: Spediteur

Game description: Spediteur is a turn-based business simulation where your objective is to become the most successful freight forwarder. To do this, you move your truck to one of the flashing cities, picking up transport contracts and then delivering the goods to their destination in order to get paid. You have 10 action points for each day, with each move costing 1 point unless you run into traffic jams, which take up considerably more points. At times, you will have to spend money on taking ferries, and investing in an extra trailer will pay dividends in the long run. Play against friends and/or against computer opponents, and the one with the most cash after the final day is the winner.

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  • Production - 69%
  • Fun - 85%
  • Depth - 79%


I really enjoyed Spediteur quite a lot. This is the type of game I can play all week long and not get bored. For me, it strikes the right balance of easy-to-pick-up play, competitive AI, and strategic planning. Spediteur offers 5 game maps and multiple difficulty settings, making it ideal for repeat gaming with its variance in settings.

The presentation of the game looks dry and is sufficient for a game of this style, but I would have liked to have seen some mini cutscenes that could have depicted cargo pick-up, drop-offs, ferry trips, and running into traffic jams, just to give players a sense of the various events taking place.

As much as I loved playing Spediteur, ultimately, I can appreciate that this is a game style that will appeal to a minority of gamers.

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  • Easy to pick up and play
  • 5 game maps
  • Up to 4 players – human and/or CPU


  • Basic presentation
  • Niche subject matter

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