Binary Battle (C64)

Binary Battle (Haplo / Andy Johns)

Game title: Binary Battle

Game description: Binary Battle is a rogue-like dungeon crawler style of game with point and click control mechanism set within a computer GUI desktop setting. Your objective is to recover the source code on a floppy disk before it is damaged by viruses. Go through five depth levels of your disk, kill viruses, upgrade your powers, collect coins and spend them on upgrades, find keys to the encrypted chests and find the exit to the next level. Your disk has limited health, which decreases as the viruses attack. Also, each action generates heat, and if your drive overheats, your disk slowly takes damage.

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  • Production - 72%
  • Fun - 82%
  • Depth - 78%


When it comes to Binary Battle – looks are certainly deceiving. What initially just looks like some nice gimmicky GUI desktop representation ends up revealing itself as an immersive rogue like game with absorbing strategic elements. Having to manage the overall health of your disk while virus killing and navigation through the file structure is an engaging experience with failure often resulting in having another go to see if you can get closer to your objective.

This is not going to be to most people’s liking and the screenshots will probably deter people from even trying the game but those who take the time to learn the game are in for a unique and rewarding experience.

User Review
4 (1 vote)


  • Good level of strategy
  • Attractive GUI desktop style presentation
  • Each game is randomised


  • Game style may be too abstract for most
  • Game is a little short.

Additional screenshots:

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