SNK vs CAPCOM (RetroGL/Jonegg) Free

Game title: SNK vs CAPCOM

Game description: SNK vs CAPCOM is a single screen arcade fighter featuring 16 playable characters taken games created by SNK and CAPCOM game companies. Based on the Neo Geo Pocket Color title by the same name, SNK vs CAPCOM contains 3 different game modes (story, versus and tournament) and supports 2 button joysticks. The game contains a good varied selection of attacks, throws, holds and defensive moves. Special and super moves can be activated when a player's energy bar reaches specific levels. Each player is provided with a short backstory with cut scene dialogue taking place before each fight.

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  • Production - 95%
  • Fun - 90%
  • Depth - 85%


When it comes to a pure arcade fighting game play then SNK vs CAPCOM is the pinnacle experience on the C64. The game is able to cram in so many different moves for each character and the on screen action is fast paced and highly responsive, all while wrapped around so very impressive production values. The chibi style fighter graphics, along with the gorgeous backdrops with their touches of animation pop off the screen.

SNK vs CAPCOM has so many options crammed into its package including a selection of 16 fighters, multiple game modes and support for two button joysticks. The use of cut scenes to push a story narrative is well executed and does a great job in making the game feel larger than what it is.

The only thing I struggled with was the ability to pull off special moves and super moves. This requires some multi-joystick directional manoeuvring along specific timing of a button press that I was never able to pull off.

I am not a fan of the Street Fighter style of game but SNK vs CAPCOM pulled me in and had me playing over and over again with its simple to play but difficult to master game mechanic. A job very well done!

User Review
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  • One of the best arcade fighting game play on the C64
  • Good looking chibi style characters
  • Beautifully drawn backdrops with animation
  • Multiple game modes
  • Story narrative driven by cut scenes


  • Difficult to execute special and super moves

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