Grid Pix (C64)

Grid Pix (Carleton Handley) $3 USD (digital) / £35 (cart)

Game title: Grid Pix

Game description: Grid Pix is a nonogram style puzzle game (just like Picross) that offers 100 different puzzles to solve. For those not familiar nonogram puzzles, basically it is a logic puzzle that requires you to build a picture by solving the number clues around the side of a grid. The numbers indicate how many consecutive filled cells there are in that row or column. Initially, you start off with the easy to complete 5 x 5 grids. Seeing a row or column with an assigned number clue of 5 (for example) in these grids will mean that the row or column will be entirely filled in. As the grid size expands out to 10 x 10 and then 15 x 15, the same number clue will mean that 5 consecutive blocks need to be filled in but you will need to use the surrounding number clues to determine the starting position of these blocks. Similarly, rows or columns that have multiple numbers indicate individual lots of consecutive cells that are separated by at least one space. For example, a number clue of 3 and 2 would indicate that somewhere on that row or column there needs to be 3 consecutive blocks, a gap of at least 1 block and then 2 consecutive filled blocks. You use your joystick to build up the picture. Pressing the joystick button will fill in the highlighted square, pressing it again will mark it with an X and pressing it one more time restores it to blank. Holding the joystick button whilst setting a square and then moving the cursor sets all of the following cells to the same style. Work your way using logic and the process of elimination until you complete the picture. The game includes a good tutorial to help you become accustomed to playing the game. Completing all 100 puzzles will take sometime but thankfully there is an automatic save system in place for cartridge editions of the game while a password system can be utilised for the disk version. Grid Prix features a number of music tracks that you can toggle by using the F keys to set your mood. On offer are two music tracks from three different artists – Merman, TMD and CyborgJeff. One set of tracks applies to the menu screen, while the other is applied to the in game environment. You can select which artist you want to listen to by hitting the F keys.

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  • Graphics - 40%
  • Sound - 70%
  • Fun - 85%
  • Depth - 85%


A wonderful nonogram implementation on the C64. If you like puzzle style games then this is definitely a must have purchase as you won’t be able to stop playing it until you’ve completed all 100 levels. There are no time limits to solving a puzzle. You are free to take your time and become fully engrossed in solving each level without distraction. Grid Pix does not offer anything to covert people who are not fans of the genre but if you do enjoy puzzle games, especially Picross, then you really cannot go wrong with Grid Pix, it pretty much is a flawless implementation on the Commodore 64 and a game you won’t stop playing until you have completed all 100 levels.

User Review
72.33% (3 votes)


  • Perfect implementation of genre
  • Password system
  • Selectable music tracks


  • There is nothing here for people who don’t like puzzle games

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