Runn’n’Gunn – Episode 1 (C64)

Runn'n'Gunn - Episode 1 (Carleton Handley / Saul Cross) $3 USD

Game title: Runn'n'Gunn - Episode 1

Game description: You take control of two super soldiers sent on a mission to wipe out an alien threat in a distant galaxy before they set their eyes on Earth. Each soldier has their own super strength and by holding the joystick down, you are able to switch between the two soldiers - with Gunn (in green uniform) having a small jump range but a more powerful weapon, compared to Runn’s weaker weapon but double jump ability. You can switch between the two soldiers as needed to help you progress through the game. As you head on down to the underground caverns, you will find your path forward blocked by laser gates and you have to locate access cards that can be used on nearby computers to remove the gates. As you get further into the game, it becomes obvious that Runn n Gunn is probably more about evasion and jumping rather than all out shooting.

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  • Production - 82%
  • Fun - 80%
  • Depth - 65%


Runn’n’Gunn is a well produced game with good production values and initially is a fun game to play but the more deeper you get into the game you realise that the game plays more like a platformer (i.e. memorising enemy pattern movement) rather than your typical blasting shooter. It is disappointing to see that enemies re-spawn, especially those stronger enemies that do so while you remain on the same screen – giving off a feeling that the game is trying to compensate for it’s short length. Fortunately the game controls are highly responsive to help offset the game’s level design.

Runn’n’Gunn does look to differentiate itself with the two character switch controls but this ultimately falls flat when you realise that it is Runn’s jumping abilities that you will be heavily relying on for most part of the game.

Runn’n’Gunn is a very well presented game that features a good amount of graphical variation with its screens but the game does need further thought with its level design to make it more accessible to casual gamers or those looking for proper blasting action and also to make proper use of the two character switching feature. Hopefully this can be sorted out in episode 2 and 3 of the series.

User Review
3.5 (2 votes)


  • Highly responsive controls
  • Good amount of variation with screens
  • Game continues come in handy


  • Short game – less than 15 minutes
  • Re-spawning enemies
  • Limited use of Gunn character

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