GridLock (C64)

GridLock (Megastyle)

Game title: GridLock

Game description: Gridlock is a sliding block logic game presented with an overhead car park view where your objective is to get your ambulance vehicle out of the car park. To do this, you will need to move all of the cars and trucks that are currently blocking your way until you can open up a clear path for your ambulance to make an exit. There are 80 levels in total on offer within Gridlock with the action set across 8 days consisting of 10 ambulance call outs each. The difficulty level within the game ramps up with each day you progress to and when you complete 10 callouts within a day, an intersecting graphic animation plays out each time. Gridlock contains a medal award system based on how quickly you complete each level and it also provides a reset mechanism that puts all the vehicles back in their starting positions without restarting the timer.

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  • Production - 84%
  • Fun - 81%
  • Depth - 84%


If you enjoy puzzle games then you are in for a treat with GridLock. I personally found it to be very addictive with that ‘just one more try’ factor being strong.  The first 3 days (i.e. 30 levels) of puzzles are not going to stretch your cognitive skills too much but this still leaves a lot of brain straining levels that will have you playing for hours on end until you complete all 80 levels.

The inclusion of a medal award system is a nice touch and gives you something to aim for besides just completing a level but I do wish that the levels didn’t contain a timer that would end your game as I am sure that many of us would prefer a more casual experience.

The Megastyle team have done a good job with the presentation of Gridlock with the graphical display being somewhat attractive but I do wish they were a bit more ambitious with their end of day cut scenes and car park environments. The SID music tracks composed by LukHash are simply sublime and do so much to elevate the overall game production.

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  • Attractive graphical presentation
  • Great SID soundtrack
  • 80 levels
  • Highly addictive
  • Save game feature


  • Would have liked to see more variation in car park settings
  • Cut scenes are repetitive
  • Countdown timer
  • Look elsewhere if you don’t like puzzles

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