Freaky Fish DX (C64)

Freaky Fish DX (Design/Chaos) Name Your Price (digital) / £35 (cartridge)

Game description: Skeeter the Fisherman has found a brand new hobby - blast fishing. So it's up to Jacques le Shark (a giant bubble blowing fish) to put Skeeter in his place. As Skeeter tosses dynamite into the ocean, you need to protect the other fish in the sea by pressing the joystick button to blow a bubble at the dynamite to capture it and have it float back up to the surface. Holding the joystick button will allow you to hold on to the bubble before releasing - allowing you to aim at your target. For each bubble containing dynamite that Jacques sends to the surface his score will increase by 10 points. If Jacques hits Skeeters boat with the dynamite his score will increase by 50 points and Skeeter will lose energy. When Skeeter loses all of his energy he will abandon the boat as it sinks to the bottom. Jacques will receive an energy boost and bonus points for each fish that has been saved. If all the other fish in the lake are stunned by dynamite, the game will end. The Itch.Io version of Freaky Fish DX contains 25 levels while the Bitmap Soft cartridge edition includes 5 additional levels.

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  • Production - 75%
  • Fun - 65%
  • Depth - 50%


Freaky Fish DX is a enjoyable arcade style game with some nice cartoon style graphics that is really easy to pick up and play and will have you hooked with its subtle depth.

What initially looks like a game that you just blow bubbles a dynamite is far deeper as you not only have the ability to direct your bubbles but you can protect the other fish from harm by bumping them or blowing bubbles at them to direct them out of harms way and its this defensive element of the game that won me over. The addition of the bonus stages  is a good one but would have liked to see them varied up a bit more (they all involve going around and collecting a certain number of dropped cans to restore energy) and the game is missing a jolly tune in the main game.

Each level pretty much plays out the same with the only difference being that Skeeter becomes quicker and more accurate with the dynamite but there are plenty of levels on hand with the Bitmap Soft cartridge edition adding 5 more stages on top of the original 25 found in the Itch.Io version of the game and the inclusion of pass codes is a very welcomed one.

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  • Simple arcade fun
  • Colourful cartoon style graphics
  • Good controls
  • Pass codes


  • No music soundtrack in main game
  • Bonus levels could be more varied
  • Not much variation in game play from level to level

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