POLAR BEAR IN SPACE! (Unrolled Loop Studios LLC) $4.99USD (Digital) / £9.99 - £39.99 (Physical)


Game description: POLAR BEAR IN SPACE! is a multi genre game that features a Polar Bear being stranded in space. Having found a nearby alien space station on his quest to get home, the objective of the game is to collect 99 krystals that are required to operate a secret underground transporter that will send our Polar Bear friend back home. The action starts off as a horizontal scrolling space shooter where our jet-pack equipped Polar Bear thrusts off into space, blasting enemy aliens as he searches for an accessible terminal. Our Polar Bear has an energy bar and his jetpack does not have unlimited fuel - so you need to keep an eye on both things as you amongst all the blasting action taking place.Shooting alien enemies may result in extras being left behind for you to collect - such as extra energy, jetpack fuel, shields, smart bombs, weapon upgrades and extra lives. When you have located the next accessible terminal, land in front of it and pull the joystick in the Down direction to trigger the puzzle phase of the game. The objective here is simple, you need to slide puzzle pieces around in order to form a specified pattern before time runs out. Get it right and access to an underground cavern is granted. Having obtained access to unlocked cavern - the game moves into the platformer mode and this is the primary element of Polar Bear in Space. The aim here is to pick up all the Krystal you can find. You can jump on top of most aliens to kill them but some need to be avoided at all costs as they inflict instant death. Once you have collected all krystals available in a cavern, the screen will briefly flash to let you know that you can exit and fly back up into space where the blasting action kicks in again and you repeat the same game cycle again until all 99 krystals have been located.

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  • Production - 86%
  • Fun - 75%
  • Depth - 85%


Polar Bears in Space stands out due to its obvious influences from games such as Wizball and Dropzone. It is a very well produced title. The graphics  look very polished and the action moves about flawlessly. The game sound effects are quite good, particularly in the caverns sections. Hardened players will absolutely loves the challenge imposed by the game, while the rest of us will require a degree of perseverance to repeat certain sections over and over again until we work out the best way to move forward – it can get a little frustrating at times but when you get the move just right then the sense of accomplishment is somewhat great.

User Review
4.56 (9 votes)


  • Very polished arcade action
  • 3 in one genre of game play
  • Great looking and sounding game


  • Very high difficulty setting

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