GP Cars (C64)

GP Cars (LHS) Free

Game title: GP Cars

Game description: GP Cars is a single player overhead racer game with multiple racing modes spread out across 25 different tracks. At the start, only a few of the tracks are unlocked and it is up to you to unlock the remaining levels by either completing tracks within a time limit or coming in first place against computer racers.

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  • Production - 86%
  • Fun - 83%
  • Depth - 79%


GP Cars contains strong production values and it is evident that a good deal of care has been put into the project.  The racing action on hand is not very fast paced but I think it is spot on for this type of game. The steering feels responsive which means any reasons for you failing to complete a track will be due to your skills.

There is variation in game play throughout despite your car more or less handling the same way no matter what track you race. I like how some of the tracks have multiple paths and seeing all the CPU racers split out and then come back together again later on in the race but I think the game could have benefited from some form of vehicle upgrade path being implemented.

I really like the graphical style adopted for the game, including some of the nice little animations and there is plenty of variation from a track environment perspective In terms of difficulty, I didn’t find it too bad. A lot of the tracks do rely on you memorizing the layouts in order to succeed with some being a lot harder than other tracks.

We don’t get too many quality racers on the C64 these days so GP Cars is a much welcomed addition.

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  • Nice graphics, animations, and digital speech
  • Good progressive play with 25 tracks
  • Variation in race style and environment
  • Your car handles well


  • No built in save function
  • Single player only
  • Missing car upgrade path

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