Retaliate DX (C64)

Retaliate DX (Marcelo Lv Cabral) $3 USD

Game title: Retaliate DX

Game description: Retaliate DX is a multi-level shooter / high score chaser with a unique concept. Unlike most other classic shooters where you have an unlimited amount of ammunition, Retaliate DX changes things up by giving you no bullets at the start and you have to use your energy shield to collect bullets from alien enemies so that you can retaliate. From time to time, the enemy will send bombs in your direction, which you can also capture and fire back by pushing the joystick in the up direction. Enemies shot down with bombs attract more points to your total score. The energy shield can also be used to destroy aliens though you will get less points with this method. Energy shields are activated by pulling the joystick in the down direction, but you need to take care when using it as iit does run out of energy when it is deployed and if it runs empty while you are in the process of collecting bullets or destroying enemies then it will be game over. Retaliate DX features 7 levels - each containing a number of waves of attack, including this asteroid section where your only mode of defense is to weave and dodge your way through as your shield can not sustain a hit from the large rocks.

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  • Production - 72%
  • Fun - 68%
  • Depth - 65%


Retaliate DX provides a somewhat unique style of play but I am not sure that it is going to really appease those who lover their shooter games. The overall presentation of the game is good without being spectacular and the gameplay overall is interesting to begin with but doesn’t really offer anything new once you pass the first couple of stages other than a greater rate of the same enemy types. The game does kick up a notch when you pick up an infinite shooter power up but this probably highlights the failing of the general game play. It is worth a play but probably not something you are going to go back to.

User Review
2.8 (5 votes)


  • Unique concept
  • Game stats & achievement medal
  • Action can move around at a fast pace at later levels


  • Won’t satisfy shoot’em up purists
  • Somewhat short
  • Repetitive enemy waves

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