Arcade Daze (C64)

Arcade Daze (Icon 64) USD$3.99 (Digital) / £9.99 to £24.99 (Physical)

Game title: Arcade Daze

Game description: Arcade Daze gives us an opportunity to relive the great days of going down to our local arcade to play the latest game machines by allowing us to explore and attempt to beat 18 different arcade games in order to become King of the Arcade Hall. As you walk around the arcade hall, be sure to avoid Kelly and the Puss Puss gang as you go around collecting coins that exchange for game tokens. Each game token costs 10 coins. On Kiddie Mode each coin you pick up is worth 5 while in Master Mode they are only worth 2. The 18 arcade cabinets are comprised of three variants of six genres - Pacman, Frogger, Space Invaders, Lunar Lander, Centipede and Tank.

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  • Production - 75%
  • Fun - 70%
  • Depth - 60%


Arcade Daze succeeds in providing  fun and simple arcade action that is easy to pick up and play. The Arcade Hall screen looks great with well drawn arcade cabinets spread out throughout the game.

Each of the 18 games are well presented using functional hi-res graphics with some very good backing music. It is somewhat disappointing that Arcade Daze does not feature 18 distinct games – instead we get three variants of six genres. Luckily there is some differences amongst the variants to avoid the feeling of total repetition and to sustain our interest in the game longer than it would otherwise.

While the game genres available will be familiar – it is not always clear as to what the game objective is. In particular, the Tank game variants give no indication as to how many enemies you need to destroy in order to ‘beat’ the game. We would have also liked to have the Arcade Hall section of the game pose a greater challenge by having more characters to avoid.

Arcade Daze is a decent modern day interpretation of Lazy Jones/Arcade Classics that should be popular with players who are not able to invest in long playing sessions and it has enough variation within it to have you come back for repeat game play sessions.

User Review
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  • 18 arcade cabinets to beat
  • Great music soundtrack
  • Two difficulty settings


  • Arcade Hall view requires more enemies
  • Would have preferred 18 different style of games
  • Not always clear as to what is required to ‘beat’ a game

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