Captain Ishtar (C64)

Captain Ishtar (Alf Yngve) $3.99 USD

Game title: Captain Ishtar

Game description: Captain Ishtar has been sent to investigate a remote planet but as she flies closer to the surface, she is attacked by hostile forces. Part 1 of the game is a first person rail shooter where you try to shoot down wave after wave as Captain Ishtar fights to survive. Part 2 is a run’n’gun style game which sees Captain Ishtar landing on the planet surface fighting off hordes of enemies. Your fighting power includes a simultaneous release of a shot from the gun and the release of plasma bomb. You will come across blue aliens from time to time. Head on over to them to release them from capture and you will be rewarded with various power ups. Captain Ishtar also has a jet pack at her disposal to navigate through the game world. At certain points in the game you will be given the choice of different pathways providing further variability to the gameplay on offer. Part 3 is once again a first person rail shooter as Captain Ishtar tries to blast off to escape but before she can do this, she needs to fend off more enemy waves while she readies herself for a hyperspace jump. Part 4 returns to the run n gun style as after having escaped to safety, Captain Ishtar finds that her home planet of Mars has been overrun by the same alien enemy who are intent on seeking revenge for the damage she has done to their own planet. This part plays similarly to part 2 with the most notable difference being that this time you are freeing people captured from your home planet rather than blue aliens.

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  • Production - 80%
  • Fun - 78%
  • Depth - 70%


I find it quite amazing what Alf has been able to produce here given the limitations of the modified SEUCK engine he is using. Yes there are slow downs in a few spots and this isn’t going to be the slickest game you have played but there is no denying that there is a bit of quality to what he has produced overall.

The mix between first person rail shooter and run n gun works well. Each part is fun to play and provides a good challenge but I do wish there was some extra production in place to better tie the 4 seperate games parts together (there is only a still cut scene before part 4). The first person rail shooter sections are more of a test of your reflexes while the run n gun sections contain plenty of variety to keep you interested especially with saving captured aliens to get power ups and the inclusion of fork paths that provides additional replay value. 

Don’t let the fact that a modified SEUCK is under the hood hold you back from experiencing Captain Ishtar. This is one solid game that provides more than 60 minutes of fun blasting action for you to take on.

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  • Superb Richard Bayliss soundtrack
  • Well defined graphics
  • Choice of pathways on run n gun levels
  • Fun and challenging


  • Subject to slow down in various spots
  • Needs more cut scenes to tie the game together
  • Level 2 and 4 run n gun levels are bit too similar

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