Kondi Krush (C64)

Kondi Krush (Anystone) Free

Game title: Kondi Krush

Game description: A clone based on the casual puzzle game Candy Crush. Position three of the same items in a row to receive a golden star. Obtain three gold stars within the allocated amount of moves in order to proceed to the next stage. There are 36 stages in total.

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  • Production - 50%
  • Fun - 45%
  • Depth - 60%


Kondi Krush is essentially a basic version of the 3 tile match puzzle genre. The game just lacks addictiveness and this is mainly due to the limited puzzle grid on offer where you don’t have much of a clue of what candies are going to cascade down into the screen.

There are 36 levels on offer but the pull to complete all of them is just not there as you can’t but feel that the whole experience feels random and lacking in strategy.

User Review
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  • 36 levels
  • Easy to play


  • Puzzle layout is too small
  • Overall presentation is bland
  • Not really even close to Candy Crush – not really addictive

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