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Game title: Ninja Carnage

Game description: Ninja Carnage is an interactive story adventure game where your mission is to help a Ninja kill the Yakuza Boss. To do this, the Ninja is going to have to traverse deep into a temple containing supernatural entities and you are going to need your wits about you if he is going to succeed with his mission. The game starts off with a basic tutorial showing you how to guide the Ninja’s action throughout the game. Basically, each scene has 9 action zones for you to choose and it's up to you to select the required actions in the right order. Choose incorrectly and your Ninja suffers a highly painful demise. But luckily Ninja Carnage is designed with a die and retry game structure - which means that when you make the wrong choice, you get to retry again from the current game scene and continue on. At times, a quick time event will be thrown your way whereby you need to quickly mimic the direction icons with corresponding pushes of your joystick. Ninja Carnage is being offered in 7 different languages - in addition to english there will be french, italian, spanish, german, greek and polish versions.

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  • Production - 85%
  • Fun - 70%
  • Depth - 55%


I was initially turned off from Ninja Carnage due to its juvenile and crass language of its introduction as it feels like the game is trying to appease to the teenager of the 90s rather than the middle age demographic that has hopefully matured since then. But I was able to put this aside as I started to get deeper into the game. I was able to appreciate the presentation and the refreshing style of gameplay and it helps that you are not punished too much for making the wrong choices.   The graphics throughout the game are quite nice but they do lack some detail. On some scenes you cannot tell what you are selecting, requiring you to take on a little bit of a ‘trial and error’ approach to get through.  The quick time actions thrown into the game is a nice touch and helps break the game style up a little. I was able to start enjoying the storytelling a lot more when the game stopped trying to use every swear word in the vocabulary and in fact found myself chuckling during some of the scenes.   I wasn’t expecting much from Ninja Carnage but by the time I completed it, I was surprised with how much it had me hooked throughout and I did enjoy it for what it is – an interactive story game that you will play and enjoy once. 

User Review
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  • Refreshing game play style
  • Great music soundtrack
  • Well presented
  • Mistakes do not result in starting from the beginning


  • Juvenile and crass humour at times
  • Some scene graphics look ‘muddy’ and lack detail
  • No replay value

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