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Game title: Mike Mech

Game description: Mike Mech is set inside a spaceship invaded by alien entities that have deactivated the supply batteries necessary for the propulsion of the rockets. The aim of the game is to guide Mike, the mechanic on board, inside the various power rooms and reactivate the batteries. To activate a battery, the player simply has to touch it on one of the four sides. To complete a level, Mike must avoid contact with aliens and cooling fans and activate all batteries before the timer runs out. The player has the option of moving around the rooms by jumping from battery to battery or by using elevators that move vertically or horizontally. Sometimes there are portals through which the player can teleport to another point in the room. After activating a certain number of batteries, a crystal will appear for approximately 10 seconds. The player can try to pick it up to increase the score. Every 10000 points the player earns an extra life, for a maximum of 8 lives. The game includes 70 levels in total. By choosing Ship Layout A, you will play the easiest 35 levels. By choosing Layout B, you will play the 35 most difficult levels. By choosing Layout A+B, you will play all 70 levels.

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  • Production - 75%
  • Fun - 83%
  • Depth - 80%


LC Games branch out with original content and have done a good job in providing one solid platform game experience. The instant draw for me is that Mike Mech deviates from your standard ‘paint all platform segments’ style game by allowing battery sections to be activated by touching them from any side that is exposed. Considering the quality of the controls on offer and the effort to come up with 70 different variations of platforms/hazards/enemy patterns, I was a little let down by the fact that graphically the game does not really deviate too much from what you see at the start, nor does the game offer much variation when it comes to alien enemy characters. With a little bit more consideration to its design, Mike Mech could really have been something special. But don’t let this discourage you from trying out Mike Mech as it will be well worth your time. I thoroughly enjoyed its simplicity because its core game mechanic is executed quite well. This is one charming little game that will have you hooked for hours on end.

User Review
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  • Good responsive controls
  • 70 levels in total
  • Ability to activate platform cells from multiple sides


  • Not much variation in the look of the game or enemy types
  • No additional abilities to pick up
  • Limited story narrative

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