Good Kniight (C64)

Good Kniight (Icon64 / Psytronik Software)

Game title: Good Kniight

Game description: Good Kniight is a multi-level single screen platform game that pays tribute to the classic Ocean game Hunchback. Instead of guiding Quasimodo, this time around you take control of a heroic knight who is out to cross the battlements and rescue the princess from the evil dragon. The objective of each screen is simple. Get to the flagpole on the right side of the screen. To do this, you will have to navigate a mixture of hazards such as arrows, fireballs, pikemen, swing platforms, buzzsaw blades, volcano lava and so much more. You receive a flag and 10 points each time you reach a flag pole and when you collect 5 flags, you are presented with a skill screen - which upon completion will give you 250 points. Collecting 10 flags will take you to the Gold Bonus screen which grants you 500 points and an extra life upon its completion. Losing a life during the game will result in your flag count being wiped out, so the key to success in Good Kniight is being able to string together enough of a continuous completion rate so that you can earn precious extra lives.

  • Production - 88%
  • Fun - 79%
  • Depth - 67%


For all intents and purposes, I should not enjoy what is essentially a tribute to Hunchback, a game that is old school in every boring way to me. But for some inexplicable reason I found Good Kniight very enjoyable. Maybe it is the attractive graphical assets and the very well drawn and animated knight character. Maybe it’s the good variation of enemies and hazards on offer. Maybe its the highly responsive controls that make playing Good Kniight a lot of fun.

Good Kniight is not an overly difficult game to complete in its entirety but you are going to have to learn and memorise the hazard layouts – in particular those pesky arrows that come in from the left side of screen. End to end, Good Kniight offers 40 plus screens that providing about 15 minutes of end to end challenging game play but completing the game is going to require a lot of replaying.

Good Kniight is a simple and short game but has the right balance of charm that is going to have gamers playing it over and over and should garner a good fan base.

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  • Attractive graphic assets
  • Responsive controls
  • Gameplay translates well to current day
  • Good variety of enemies/hazards


  • Ultimately a simple game

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