Super GP 64 (C64)

Super GP 64 (AJ Layden) Free

Game title: Super GP 64

Game description: Simple arcade style racer in the guise of Pole Position and Pitstop 2. Super GP 64 contains 2 modes (Single race and Championship), 3 difficulty settings and 5 race tracks. Colliding with cars results in damage, which can be repaired by entering the pits during the race. More damage equals slower maximum speed. Compete in a single race on any of the five circuits. Alternatively, play them all in sequence in the Championship mode, where you have to complete every race with a podium finish in order to continue.

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  • Production - 73%
  • Fun - 72%
  • Depth - 77%


Super GP 64 is a very much needed addition to the C64 library. It provides a challenging but rewarding racing experience within its ‘simple’ design. Racing can get very intense as overtaking requires a good mix of skill and timing, making every position gained feel like a triumph, especially when almost every mistake you make is ruthlessly punished by you dropping a position or two.

Unfortunately, the challenge is artificially inflated by the illogical placement of backmarkers that only get in the way of the real challenge of trying to get into the top 3 positions. The damage mechanic that impacts your maximum speed is a good idea and so is the idea of including a pitstop option to try and restore your maximum speed.

Graphically, the game is a little sparse but does a decent job at conveying a sense of speed even though it may feel like your car is floating at times. I like that the track settings are mixed up a bit to include night and tunnel settings, and the inclusion of a race track map assists with preparing to tackle any upcoming corners.

I do wish that the game had a proper Championship mode in which you race all 5 tracks for points instead of it being a linear arcade style where you have to finish in the top 3 to proceed.

I have mixed feeling about Super GP 2. It is a good stab at the racing genre and contains a bit of variety and some rewarding game play. But I can’t help but feel that this just falls a little short of Super Monza GP 2 for the VIC-20 (of which this is a conversion of). Visually and sonically, the VIC-20 version feels superior to me. Hopefully the coder will persist with working on the racing engine as the potential for something special is definitely there.

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  • 5 different tracks on offer
  • Damage mechanic
  • Challenging but rewarding game play


  • Lacks a true championship mode
  • Illogical placement of backmarkets
  • Might be too slow paced for some

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