Robot Jet Action (C64)

Robot Jet Action ( Name Your Own Price

Game title: Robot Jet Action

Game description: Evil robots from another world are coming to steal jewels and it is up to you - a jetpack carrying little robot to collect them all before they do. Robot Jet Action is a single screen arcade game containing 35 levels spread out over 5 different game theme worlds. On each level you need to go around collecting enough jewels for an exit portal to open up. If you collect all the jewels on screen then your perfect round results in all the enemies being eliminated before exiting. Each game world is distinct from each other and can be played in whatever order you prefer. Flying around the screen is as simple as holding the joystick button down to apply the thrusters to your jetpack. Use of the thrusters is not indefinite as the jetpack stops working when it heats up too much and needs time to cool down before being able to be used again.

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  • Production - 95%
  • Fun - 82%
  • Depth - 75%


The production values on Robot Jet Action are fabulous. The use of the C64’s Extended Color Mode has been applied to great effect making Robot Jet Action look closer to a console game from the 90s. The homage to classic games of old with its 5 distinct looking game worlds is a wonderful touch and when you throw in one of the best SID tracks of recent times,  it is hard to deny that Robot Jet Action is pure visual and sonic bliss. The game play itself doesn’t quite hit the same heights as every level and game world is played in a similar way. Despite the limited sense of play progression, the gaming experience is good in a work man type of way. It is no frills but still quite satisfying once you understand how to use the jetpack thrusters effectively. At first the game will feel somewhat difficult but as you master short thrusts and get to learn the enemy movement patterns and environment hazards you start to be able to clear levels without losing any lives.

User Review
3.56 (9 votes)


  • Gorgeous use ECM for graphics
  • Mind blowing SID tracks
  •  Thrust controls are responsive
  • All game worlds unlocked
  • Good intro/end screens


  • Game play is somewhat the same across all game worlds
  • Enemies reset when you lose a life
  • Some hazards are not noticeable

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