Puzzle Bobble Release Delayed

By now, we would have expected the community to have experienced playing the wonderful arcade port of Puzzle Bobble on the Commodore 64, but alas it isn’t to be as Bas Scheijde (aka Acied) has reported that the game is still at least couple of weeks away from being 100% finished.

But fear not as Bas was confident that the release would occur by the end of April (at the latest) and that the team behind the project just needs some extra time to eliminate small glitches and complete the end of game screens and credit scroller.

A preview of Puzzle Bobble was featured in the RGN C64 Round Up for March 2021, where we found the game to be a wonderful port that is very faithful to the original arcade game. Also, as we never mentioned it in our video but the game will be compatible with paddles.

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