Eye of the Beholder – Development Update

Andreas Larsson has streamed his latest round of Beta testing on the upcoming C64 port of Eye of the Beholder across on his Twitch TV channel.

Across a two and a half hour session, Andreas took viewers deep into the game as he looked around for any bugs left remaining in the game. Overall the version being tested looked to be quite stable and the game continues to be a thing of beauty from an aesthetics perspective while at the same time providing an engrossing dungeon crawling RPG experience.

When asked about an ETA on when the game would be released, Andreas stated that ‘it will be done when its done’ – indicating that the coding was essentially completed and that the only thing remaining was the continual refinement to the graphics. Having spent so much time working on the Eye of the Beholder up to this point, Andreas indicated that there was no point in rushing out the release now and that he and the team behind the project are committed to ensuring that the game will be the very best it can be.

It is safe to say that we will still have at least a number of months to wait before Eye of the Beholder is unleashed onto the eagerly anticipating C64 gaming community but in the meantime be sure to follow Andreas on his Twitch channel at https://www.twitch.tv/ja_boozedesign for any future testing streams.

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