Graviton (C64)

Graviton (Karl Hörnell / Psytronik Software) Digital Free / Physical £9.99 - £14.99

Game title: Graviton

Game description: Graviton is a tilt maze style game with the objective to guide your ball through a maze without it falling into one of the black holes. There are 20 mazes on offer with each one being unlocked. To move the ball, you control a joystick cursor over a tilt board overlay. When the cursor is away from the centre position of the overlay than the ball will travel in the corresponding direction. The further out from the centre the cursor is, the faster your ball will move.

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  • Production - 70%
  • Fun - 10%
  • Depth - 30%


Graphically, Graviton looks quite polished for this style of game and the backing music to the game is soothing and pleasant to listen.

However, the game control mechanism is atrocious. Trying to control the tilt mechanism is tedious and does not provide a precise method to control your ball movement. If you don’t have a responsive joystick controller then things get even more frustrating. Add to this a dull game objective that does not introduce anything different (other than a longer maze layout) across its 20 levels. Most will give up on the game after 5 minutes.

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  • Pleasant in game music
  • All mazes unlocked


  • Awful game controls
  • Dull and repetitive game play

Additional game screen shots:

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