RGN C64 Gamer’s Choice Award 2023


  1. Each voting panel member selects 5 of their favourite nominated games (each selection is worth 1 point)
  2. Each voting panel member selects their most favourite game from their selection (extra point awarded to that game)
  3. Where games get the same amount of points then their rank is determined by the number of times that they are voted as the most favourite. If titles are still tied after this, then RGN uses its discretion to rank the games.

Game Eligibility Period:

A game must have received a general release from 19 December 2022 to 25 December 2023.

Voting Panel:

Al Smith (Gamer), Adam (Commodore Chronicles), Andira (Andira2010 Youtube), Andrew Fisher (Zzap!64 & SID Musician), Ant Stiller (Reset64/Coder), BastichB 64K (Youtube), Charles Hawn (Gamer), Christian Dobi (Viper’s RetroGames Videos), Commodoreblog (Twitter), David Simmons (Onslaught/Zzap!64), Everything C64 (Discord), Joesph Tsai (Gamer), Kevin Gonzales (Gamer), Komek (K&A Plus Magazine), Louie Dimovski (RGN), Lukasz Bobrecki (Bobr.Games), Olivier Cappelaere (Commodre 64 Mania), Pavel Monka (K&A Plus Magazine), Richard McManus (Gamer), Robin Hogg (Zzap!64), Tomxx (K&A Plus Magazine)

A Pig Quest191029
SNK vs CAPCOM13114
Zeta Wing 212113
Rocky & Co.9110
Briley Witch Chronicles 2707
Balls Like A Frog415
Veggies vs Undead303
Lost Realms of Murkasada 2303
GP Cars202
News Stand202
Vampire Vengeance202
Bill & Ted’s Excellent GBA101
Cursed Tomb101
Dr. Maria101
Evil Dungeon101
Space Station 23000

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