Ball & Chain (C64)

Ball & Chain (Dr MortalWombat) Digital (Name Your Own Price)

Game title: Ball & Chain

Game description: In the deep dungeons of the Spike Empire, an innocent bouncy ball is held captive, chained to a heavy iron ball. Somehow the bouncy ball comes across a helium canister (don't ask) which enables him to escape. You control the helium filled hero and while the iron ball limits your movement, it can also be used as a weapon! Your escape for freedom comes to an end when you either collide with an enemy, or are crushed by a wall. Pressing the fire button shortens the chain and gives tighter control over the iron ball, releasing the button pushes the iron ball to the opposite direction. The score increases the longer you stay alive. Collect coins and stars along the way to increase your score further. Stars improve the time base scoring factor, but come at a cost. They also increase the mass of the iron ball, thus increasing its weight and inertia until you are unable to spin it or even lift it from the ground. Destroying enemies release powerup bubbles.

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  • Production - 80%
  • Fun - 30%
  • Depth - 50%


Ball & Chain does contain some nice production values. The graphics are attractive, the iron ball movement feels good and the SID soundtrack is simply top quality.

But there is not much of a game on offer. For an endless score chaser, the action is almost non-existent and things get dull very quickly.

The backstory to the game doesn’t really make sense either but I am pretty sure the game coder is aware of this and just needed something to go with the iron ball gimmick.

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  • Great SID soundtrack
  • Nice vibrant graphics


  • Very little action
  • No repeat game play value.

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