CAIM (C64)

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Game title: CAIM

Game description: CAIM is a top-down action-adventure game where you play the role of an unnamed player, waking up in a strange place without any recollection of how you got there. Your objective is to explore the facility, avoid deadly hazards, locate and use items and uncover mysteries. As you learn more about the place, the world and yourself, you get ever closer to putting together all the clues and reaching the exit.

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  • Production - 74%
  • Fun - 71%
  • Depth - 60%


Top down action adventures are in vogue at the moment and CAIM is one of the better new releases within the genre. Don’t go expecting an immersive experience as game play is some what basic. CAIM offers about 15-20 minutes of exploration as you gradually unveil the clever story narrative. There are no tricky puzzles or anything that should stretch your capabilities making the game quite accessible to all.

The game is neatly presented and includes an auto map and an achievement list at the end in an attempt to add some replay value. A good solid game that would benefit from a larger and more interactive game world.

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  • Interesting story narrative
  • Accessible game play
  • Achievement list


  • Limited depth to game play

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