BrainBreak (C64)

BrainBreak (D Krajzewic /Psytronik Software) Digital $4.99US/Physical £10 - £25

Game title: BrainBreak

Game description: BrainBreak is a tile/puzzle game where you need to restore the order of gems to their original state. Simply select a gem and use the joystick to move it around the screen to the desire location. While playing the game, you will be confronted with gates, teleporters, temporary and permanent glue fields, and morphers that change the stones. The game features 100 levels and includes a level editor

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  • Production - 70%
  • Fun - 50%
  • Depth - 80%


I enjoy puzzle games and this is a good representation of the genre. The premise of moving gems around to match a specific pattern is simple but the implementation of puzzle field modifiers ensures that you are going to have be spending a good amount of time thinking ahead to try and solve most of the levels on offer.

Luckily, there is no time limit being imposed so you can spend a relaxing time trying to solve each of the puzzle across multiple game play sessions and the coder has somehow managed to make the graphics on a puzzle game look interesting with the clever use of hi-res graphics.

Using a joystick on some of the levels can feel a little cumbersome as you may have to move the cursor from one side all the way to the other on many occasions and the omission of a undo move feature will no doubt cause frustration when you have spent 20 minutes on a level and accidentally make a wrong move that effectively stops you from completing the level.

If you don’t like puzzle games then you can discount BrainBreak. For the rest of us, there is a lot of depth here.

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  • Great use of Hi-res graphics
  • No time limit to complete levels
  • Plenty of levels on offer
  • Good implementation of game play modifiers


  • No undo move option
  • Control via joystick can be cumbersome
  • Not for you if you don’t like puzzle games

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