Turbo Sprint (Amiga) Gets Release Date

Turbo Sprint, Graeme Cowie’s enhanced conversion of Super Sprint, is set to receive a full release on 7th of May 2021.

Super Sprint is one of those iconic arcade racing games from the 1980s that stood out not only because of its multi-player cabinet with steering wheels but it also featured well balanced gameplay and gorgeous graphics with miniature cars whizzing around twisty tracks. The game was originally ported across to a number of home micro computer systems but an Amiga conversion was strangely absent until a fan made port from the Atari ST version arrived on the scene back in 2012.

Having successfully tackled enhanced arcade ports of Bomb Jack and Rygar, Graeme Cowie set his sights on providing the best possible Super Sprint experience for AGA Amigas with the end result being Turbo Sprint.

Turbo Sprint is designed to run on stock AGA Amiga including A1200, A4000 and the CD 32 with peripherals disabled. If you are unsure as to whether the game will run on your setup then you will be glad to know that Graeme will be providing a time limited demo for you to test the game out before you commit to any purchase.

Turbo Sprint will be available as a digital purchase download from Graeme’s itch.io page.

You can check out a showcase video on Turbo Sprint below.

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