Psytronik Software Future Releases

Polar Bear in Space

Take control of an extremely cute Polar Bear in his quest to run, jump and zap through various alien-infested levels whilst collecting krystals. 

Release Date: TBA


Use your powers of dexterity to steer a ball through a maze. Careful reactions and precise control are necessary to successfully navigate the mazes.

Release Date: TBA

Nixy the Glade Sprite

A gorgeous new arcade adventure for your C64! Guide Nixy on her quest to cleanse the Gaia stone in order to restore peace to the land.

Release Date: TBA

Miner 2019er

A prequel to the classic release Miner 2049er produced with permission and support from the original game author Bill Hogue. Miner 2019er features 14 all-new levels along with ports of three Colecovision exclusive levels. The game also introduces several new elements such as hidden items, bonus levels, speed medals and more!

Release Date: TBA

To find out more about these releases – head on over to the Psytronik Software website.

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