Zap Fight Trilogy Released

Alf Yngve’s Zap Fight Trilogy has finally received a release via Psytronik Software.

The Zap Fight Trilogy compilation of shoot ’em up games allows you to jump into your trusty Zap Fighter and blast your way through THREE exciting games packed with zapping action, power-ups and plenty of air and ground-based targets to obliterate! Richard Bayliss has also contributed to this release by adding specially coded front-ends to each game and has supplied thumping soundtracks as well!

For now, only the digital edition of Zap Fight Trilogy can be purchased from the Psytronik Software Itch.Io page, with the physical edition expected to become available in early 2021.

RGN previewed Zap Fight. Trilogy back in June, check out the video below:

Also, we understand that the digital Trilogy pack comes with a bonus game – Snatch McBlagger (check out video link)

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