Robot Jet Action Demo Revealed

Komoda & Amiga plus magazine is pleased to announce that they are including an exclusive preview of Robot Jet Action for the Commodore 64 as part of the cover disk release that is to accompany issue 17 of this wonderful Commodore computer user magazine.

Robot Jet Action is single screen arcade game, currently being developed by Carrion from, which sees you take control of a robot who has to use a jetpack to thrust his way around the screen, avoiding baddies and spikes while collecting items that will eventually open up a exit portal to the next level.

The demo on offer allows you to play through the first world levels and the first level of the 2nd world before revealing that the full game is set to be released in May 2021. Having had early access to the demo, RGN can confirm that Robot Jet Action is very good looking game feature high resolution graphics that is a lot of fun to play and that the thrust mechanics work very well. Carrion has cited both Bomb Jack and Manic Miner as the inspiration behind the game’s design and I think this is an accurate representaion of what it offers.

If you want to try out the Robot Jet Action demo for yourself and find out more about the game (via an interview with Carrion) then head on over to Komoda & Amiga plus magazine and order yourself a copy of Issue 17 as soon as it comes out before Xmas.

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