TheC64 Maxi Game Tool – Add your own games to the Carousel

The clever guys over at the Megastyle team have released the highly anticipated software tool for TheC64 and TheC64 Mini that allows you to create a custom firmware .bin file that you can use to inject your favorite Commodore 64 games into the emulator’s carousel user interface.

Megastyle have reassured owners of TheC64 units that their tool can be used without any advanced technical skills or hardware experience and is safe to use and can be rolled back if needed.

The software tool is now available as a free download from the Megastyle Itch.Io page and includes full documentation on how to install. A full tutorial to using the tool can be viewed at the video link below

One thought on “TheC64 Maxi Game Tool – Add your own games to the Carousel

  1. Sorry to say but I cannot find the version, (thec64gametutorialpack), download that you are using. The only one available is “thec64gametool_v101_release.” Then I unzip that zip all I have are two items, 1 is a VICE Folder and the 2nd one is “thec64gametool” Application. There are not 3 folders like you show in this video. Thanks

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